Flow bench testing on SuperFlow SF-1020 Pro Bench.
Testing done at 10" of water pressure.

GM Single snorkel air cleaner with 1.5 opening352.5 CFM
1985 Mustang 5.0 twin snorkel with 3 inlets535.8 CFM
GM Twin snorkel 85-86 HO air cleaner housing719.1 CFM
AIS part # 14x3ST775.5 CFM
AIS part # 14x3@110789.6 CFM
AIS part # 14x3S800 CFM
AIS part # 14x4@80bsp895.4 CFM
AIS part # 14x4@110916.5 CFM
AIs part # 14x5@1101043.4 CFM
AIS part # 14x4WC 1121.3 CFM

All testing done with AIS brand paper filters.

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