abrk ABRK
The Air Box Relief Kit, used to fill in cut out area. Only required on extreme off road use when under water trips are expected. Not required on the street. Sold as part # ABRK
Spun aluminium with anti gulp spout. Sold as part # SMALL FUNNEL & # LARGE FUNNEL
Carb Hat
Designed to cover air horn of carb / throttle body, while servicing / storing. Available in two sizes, 5 1/8" or 7 5/16". Sold as part # 5HAT & # 7HAT.
studs STUDS & NUT
Available to suit. When fitting TBI, offset stud must be used. This applies to GM & Dodge trucks. Generally sent slightly longer than required. May cut to fit. Sold as part # STUD & NUT & # Z-STUD & NUT
pvc PCV Filter
To fit Fresh air vent from rocker cover, serves as the opposite half to the PCV valve. Available with 1/2" or 3/4" bung Sold as part # PCV.5 & PCV.75
clamps CLAMPS
We offer stainless gear clamps in the 4", 5" & 6" sizes. Sold as part # HS64, HS80 & HS104

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